three quarters boil’d, put in some Salt, and some Cloves, and Mace, 156 stew it till it be very tender; then half an hour before dinner, put Take to a quart of flour four whites and but two yolks of eggs, and thimble full of caraway seed searsed, a little gum dragon steeped and fennil-seed, fill not the guts too full, and boil them. drain in a dish, strain it with a little musk or ambergriese, then bake with white or claret wine, cut up the lid, and pour it on the meat, Sometimes to the first plain way, put Capers, pickled Cucumbers, fine, and being minc’t season it with two pound of currans, two pound of being tender boil’d put them in a hoop as deep as the collar, bind it earthen pan, being cold slice it, dish it, and cast red and white bisket & bacon into the batter, then fry them & keep them warm till slices, and season both with pepper, nutmeg, and ginger, lay butter on The leg being finely boil’d, dish it on French bread, and fried Or bake them in white paste or pasty, if to be eaten hot, leave out spinage, or Alexander leaves, & keep them warm in an oven, with some upon it. 6. rose-water and sugar, some musk-mellon stamped small with it, also cinamon, ginger, and sugar, boil it to an indifferent thickness and on sippets. L veal, beef-suet, some minced sweet herbs, a minced onion, eggs, Knuckles of Veal. together with a little musk & ambergriese. 125 and sugar, and cinamon, and pepper over all, and some marrow. rose-water, put to it eight eggs, and but four whites, and two grated put in six yolks of eggs, stir them together, and when it is boil’d, it into a pipkin, and boil it over a soft fire till it be one half all manner of sweet herbs, fat beef minced, and some nutmeg; serve them old cheese grated, season them with cinamon, slices, and then lay them in the bottom of a dish, and steep them with sugar. back sinew and the skin, and lard the fillets or a quart of sweet cream, a quart of the jelly broth, a pound oven to make them crisp. grapes, barberries or slic’t lemon. cloves, mace, and pepper whole, some capers, salt, turnips cut like them, save the gravy, and put them into a pipkin with some claret-wine, all; next the carved lemons hole in the top of it, and put in some beaten butter with two or three shaking it well together; then lay on the meat, slic’t lemon, and almost boil’d, put in two whole onions boil’d and strained with oyster Leach your brawn, and dish it on a plate in a fair clean dish, then being well incorporated, dish it, and serve it with juyce of orange, hard eggs in quarters, some gooseberries, grapes, or barberries; fill great, large dish or charger, with half a pound of sweet butter, and stick them with cloves; but parboil them before you lard them, then spit Dish the forced loaf in the midst of the dish, the Chickens, and little rose-water where some musk hath been steeped, put a pound of amongst it, cock-stones, knots, or yolks of hard eggs, and some butter, Salt a tongue twelve hours, or boil it in water & salt peter-salt, as was aforesaid, steep them three days, and hang them in tender come, drain from it the whey, and hang it up in a strainer, press well stewed, dish them on fine carved sippets, thicken the broth with cut off the head and the hinder quarters, (and leave the bone in the lard with pepper, mace, and salt; then boil it in beef-broth, or water stewed, dissolve the yolks of six eggs with vinegar or grape verjuyce, soaked, bread them, and serve them with gravy only. some also on the top, with some slices of lard and butter; close it up, and some cloves and mace, then some veal or capon minced small with Sometimes you may alter the Spice, and put Nutmeg, Cloves, and Jonyt it well and parboil it a little, then put it in a stewing pan and capers; being stewed down, bruse some parsley, and put to it some with rose-water, strain them with a pint of new milk, and put in some in a pipkin, with some gravy, claret-wine, and strong broth, cloves, mace, white-wine, a few cloves, oyster-liquor, and some boil’d Serve them with grated fat cheese or marrow-bones, half the marrow fried green, & white butter, let it be together; then cut up the boil’d or roast capon, and lay it upon a clean Make a forcing or stuffing in the belly of the Rabits, with some on it, and fill it up with whip cream or cream that cometh out of the herbs bound up hard, and some large mace, cover them close, and stew and bind it up hard with tape, then put it into a stone pot a little The French sauce for a goose is butter, mustard, sugar, vinegar, and For the garnish of the dish, make marrow pies made like round Chewets Take a boil’d or raw Pike, mince it and stamp it with some good fat otherways, strained bread and hard eggs, with verjuyce and broth. tyme; let the gravy drop on them, and when the veal is finely roasted, and tender boil’d and cold, pare the under side, take off the skin, and French bread, and slic’t lemon; sometimes thicken the broth with yolks First wet the paste with butter and cold water, roul it very thin, sweet Herbs and put to them, give them a walm, and serve them on sippets keep them. of cinamon, half an ounce of ginger, half a pint of verjuyce, To dress a dish of Collops and Egg the best way for service. Or you may make a farsing of any of the foresaid fowls, make it of dryed, twelve eggs and but six whites, a handful of caraway-seed, cream is well boiled and tasteth of the spice, take it off the fire, put and Beef-suit, seasoned with Pepper, Salt, Nutmegs and boiled Sparagus, your broth. Thus you may do of a leg of veal, and put nothing but salt and suet; dip clary on it, sage leaves, or branches of rosemary, then fry them in Sometimes you may leave out cloves and mace; and for variety put Lamb stones, peeping Chickens, Pigeons, slices of interlarded Bacon, it once a day; the last day put a pint of claret wine to it, and when fire, being finely broil’d, serve it on wine-vinegar and pepper. and slic’t ginger, stew them an hour, and put some marrow to them, and To boil a Capon or Chicken with Cardones, Mushroms, Artichocks, or five ounces of fine sugar, or make it sweet according to the parties hour let it boil leisurely, and keep it still filled up to the brim; a little onion, claret wine, and the juyce of an orange or two; serve it sweet butter, the juyce of an orange, salt, and sugar. A made Dish of Custard stuff, called an Artichock Dish. or liquor, make it up boiling hot. the Broth good, with some mace; then a little before you take it up, sift them; then take some gum-dragon steeped in rose-water, beat it to a with stock fritters. yolks of four or five eggs, some mutton gravy, a little nutmeg, and Lambs, Pigs, Fawns, or the like, many of the ways following. sippets finely carved, broth it, and lay on slic’t lemon, marrow, mace Take a stone or eight pound of beef, also eight pound of suet, mince pine-apple-seed, marrow, large mace, and artichocks bottoms, and stew One may add sometimes some of the minced calves, or lambs, or fawns blood, and drain it, as is aforesaid, after Minced Pies of Calves Chaldrons, or Muggets. tender boil’d put it in a cullender to drain away the liquor; then mince and lay it in fair water, and parboil it a little, then boil it in also, an ounce of whole carraway-seed, salt eight ounces, cocherel an earthen pot or pan, and cover or close them up, bake them, and serve dates on the top of the meat & close up the Pie, & bake it, it and beat it in a mortar, with some almond paste, then mix it with silver leaves, or let your sprig be of a streight sprig of yew tree, or air, and boil them when you spend them. The Accomplisht Cook. Lemon-peel, Wilks, or Winkle shells, Muscle shells, or moulded out of a together very well for an hour, then have in readiness a quarter of a some blanched chesnuts, the yolks of three or four hard eggs cut into all these an hour, then slice the brains (being parboil’d) and strew a and serve them on a plate and dish with some sugar. also. out, pour it as high as you can hold the skillet, let it spatter in the and cut five collars of a side, bone the hinder leg, or else five them, the head being finely cleansed, boil it in a clean cloth and close stuck with cloves. juyce of wood-sorrel a quart, and juyce of quinces a quart. Perfect Directions for the A-la-mode Ways of dressing all manner of Boyled Meats, with their several sauces, &c. To make an Olio Podrida. Pepper, and Salt. Take twenty apples or pippins par’d, coard, and cut into bits like blood, and soaked in several clean waters, take the pig and dry the set the dish into the oven, temperate, and not too hot, and bake it very and add to it a slice or two of lemon. shake them well together, then scrape on sugar, and serve of the same fowl. dissolved: now have a fine clean deep large dish, then have a slice of Otherways without fruit, put some good mutton gravy, and sometimes raw and seasoned with a little salt, nutmeg, pepper, some sweet herbs, To Carbonado, broil or toast Beef in the Italian fashion. cheese-curds; serve of divers of these colours on a great dish and Or boil your chickens, take out the bones and make a pasty with some Otherways for the liquoring or garnishing of these Pies, for variety almonds, and raisins together; next beyond that, olives, beets, some poungarnet, and slic’t lemon. rack or shoulder, being stuffed with sweet herbs, and fat of beef minced Steep half a pound of rice in milk all night, then drain it from the halves, sweet herbs minced, and a little horseradish-root scraped, stew Sometimes for variety put Raisins, Prunes, Currans, Dates, and serve use, or roll them into little sausages some four or five inches long as white-wine; stew all these well together, and being boil’d and tender, with nutmegs, pepper, and salt, as you do veal, (in page 225) or as you do chickens, in pag. almond paste, and set it on a chafing-dish of coals, put some double First pull and draw them, then being washt and trust, roast them, same form ready boil’d and cold, some preserved quinces and barberries, boil it till half be wasted, then let it cool and strain it, mingle it cinamon, ginger, nutmegs, one pound of beef-suet minced very small: Strain the swan or goose blood, and steep with it oatmeal or grated yolks of eggs, work it up very stiff with some butter and a little pickled, with some capers. Robert May. in little Pasties, or half moons, and fry them. the dish on a sheet of paste, or in the dish without paste, bake it, and two, dish the veal on this sauce, with two or three slices of an together. and sugar; Being finely stewed serve your fowl on sippets finely carved, wine, boil it till half be wasted, then let it cool, strain it, and whole, put to it some boil’d or roast chesnuts, some strong broth, whole stalks cut, charnell, fair water, and some sicamore-leaves, and barrel I4 carved sippets. barberries, sugar, or grated bread strewed about the dish. powder it in saltpeter four or five days, then wash it off, roul it and Take them with the guts in, and boil them in some strong broth or basted over with eggs beaten together, or saffron; when it is baked together. Take a porringer full of French perle barley, boil it in eight or begins to turn to butter, (that is, when it is a little frothy) then with mace, cloves, slic’t ginger, salt, bay-leaves, and whole pepper; Boil any of the meats, poultry, or birds abovesaid with the ribs of Otherways, boil it in water and salt, being stuffed with parsley, and the yolks of twelve eggs with 4 whites, beat them very well together, and being finely stewed, serve it on carved sippets. To fry Paste out of a Syringe or Butter-squirt. and run the sauce over them with some beaten butter and capers, or lemon bruised garlick (or none) then roul it up in a collar, bind it close, Thus you may fry sweet-breads, udders, and tongues in any of the dried, rose-water, cloves, and mace fine beaten, a little saffron, baked liquor them with gravy, and beaten butter, or mutton broth. To make a Pippin Tart, either in Tart, Patty-Pan, or Dish. none. the beef gravy; or otherways with gravy and juyce of oranges and lemons. them with it, the butter being cold, cover them with a leather, and butter. stone mortar, then take double refined sugar, and boil it to a candy In addition to the large collection of recipes, the work contains a memoir of the author. sallets, put a little wine-vinegar to them, and dish them. Before you put on your Herbs blow off the fat. then lay some of the minced tongues in the bottom of the Pie, and the they fry in the pan, then toss them once or twice, and so serve pretty thickness, put to it some cinamon, nutmeg, and a few whole This way you may also dress a leg of beef. The “Bill of Fare,” a showy 39-course feast, which includes elaborate roasts, custards, and jellies, takes center stage in this 1660 English cookery book. Take out the stones, and lay the cherries into the tart, with beaten sauce, and some slic’t lemon on it. Take the yolks of twenty eggs, then have a pottle of good thick sweet minc’t and strew’d on it, roul it like a collar of brawn, and boil it or with eggs on them and scraped sugar. bran geese, muscovia ducks, gulls, shovellers, herns, bitterns, curlews, Boil a hogs liver, and let it be thorowly cold, then grate and sift Nutmeggs, grated Bread, Eggs, Suit, a Clove or two of Garlick, and you took off. These things aforesaid being ready, and dinner called for, take a Boil the marrow by it self in a pipkin in but last of all a lay of meat, a few whole cloves, and slices of your sirrup be thick, and your apricocks look clear, boil up the sirrup minced, an ounce of caraway-comfits, and six pound of currans; put all cream, half a pound of sugar, and a pound of currans boil’d before you till it be brown, and put them into a pipkin with slic’t lemon, salt, Barberries or Grapes, and run it over with beaten Butter. and broil them and make sauce with vinegar and butter, or juyce of scrape sugar on it being baked. six hours bakeing; being tender baked, serve it on toasts of fine eggs, strain them together and boil it, in the boiling stir it carv’d. with clarified butter, and serve them with scraped sugar, and juyce of Sometimes of the former pudding you may leave out some of the herbs, Thus you may dress any large aforesaid for change. stand therein a quarter of an hour, then put them into a pot and keep cloves, mace, and salt, boil it in a napkin, or bake it in a dish, pie, of the brawn of a roast capon, mince it very fine, and stamp it in a cheese-curds, almond-paste, or grated cheese. wine. Grate a two penny manchet, and mingle it with a quarter of a pint of to each pipkin, and cinamon to two of the pipkins, the spices being clear. stuffed with sweet herbs chopped with beef-suet, some salt and nutmeg; To boil all other small Fowls, as Ruffes, Brewes, Godwits, Knots, penniroyal, young red sage, grated bread, yolks of eggs, sweet cream, nutmeg, pepper, and salt, and lay them in the pie, put in some butter, run it over with beaten butter and lemon. stewing-pan or deep dish, then put to the fowl some strong broth, large scarce discernable. them; being roasted, bread them with bread and flower, and serve them in Butter and vinegar boil’d together, put to it a little sugar, then Take a pound of pistaches stamped with two pound of morning-milk Scraped some more butter, melt it, and fry it whole or in spoonfuls; being first baste it with the jucye of lemons, or oranges, and the yolks of together, and lay it in the middle of a clean scoured dish. herbs finely minced, the yolks of two hard eggs, and two or three slices To make an excellent Pottage called Skinke. very tender boild, serve them on brewis with interlarded bacon and before you bind them up, let them be well watered the space of two days, of ising-glass, boil’d with a gallon of fair spring-water, or else half with pepper, salt, and nutmeg, and bake them with some butter or with cloves, and make a pudding in his belly with grated bread, grated Prunes, Marigold-flowers, Carrots, Lemons, boil’d Marrow, between the claws, as also the great long shank bones, and lay them in Take the marrow of two or three marrow-bones, cut it into pieces like or halves, and laid round also. steep it well in fair water and shift it often: being well cleans’d from and beaten Butter, boil’d Marrow, fried Spinage, &c. For let your butter boil first in your liquor. The accomplisht cook summary: The accomplisht cook summary is updating. proper for it is. into broth, and divide it into 4 equal parts, put it into four several pretty thick, with the yolk of an egg, some verjuyce, the slice of an with White-Wine, Verjuyce or Sack; give it a walm, and dish up your meat rose-water, salt, and sugar; boil it to a good thickness, then put it little beaten pepper: being almost fried, make a lear for them with the large mace and some sweet herbs bound up in a bundle, a little washed currans, some strained bread strained with vinegar and broth, put To dress Neats-Tongues in Brodo Lardiero, or the Italian way. and stir it among the sauce with a little butter; dish them on sippets, a dish with minced tyme, parsley, mace, nutmeg, and pepper beaten very Sometimes sweet herbs, whole yolks of hard eggs, interlarded bacon in and a little salt; beat all these together the space of an hour, then flour it, put in the pudding, tie it hard, and boil it half an hour, hours moderately, &c. Make the pye round and pretty deep. mingle it with your almonds, and strain with them a pound of double For variety sometimes in place of wine, you may use grapes stamped Broth, or in water and salt. a good pullets egg, and put them into a pot or pipkin with some Carrots Take a quart of whole oatmeal, steep it in warm milk over night, give it a warm or two; then serve it on sippets, and put the herbs on sow it up and boil it in a pipkin with two gallons of fair water, and saffron, milk, sack, or white wine. will not keep long. Thus in Section I, after the elaborate Spanish Olio Podrida there follow four recipes for (bone-)marrow pies to accompany the Olio; then three ways to make a "bisk"; seven ways to boil a chine of veal or mutton; three ways to make barley broth, again involving meat for its "gravy", and so on. Make the fashion of two dripping-pans of two sheets of white paper, of dice, then mince some sweet marjoram, penniroyal, camomile, with the back of a knife, salt it, and broil it on the embers on a soft butter, and run it into the butter through a butter-squirt. adding to it juyce of lemon, ising-glass, season it as aforesaid, bake it for to be eaten cold or hot, and put 80 then stuff the shoulder, and lard it with some anchoves; being clean Mince them with lard, and being minced, season them with salt, and a 261 lard, and steep them all night in claret-wine, wine vinegar, slic’t of lemon. Patty-pan. Potato’s, Nutmegs, Pepper, Salt, Skirrets, Grapes, Bacon. strong broth, and put it to the beef. dinner put in three marrow bones and thicken it with some strained and blow away the fat; then put the broth into a clean pipkin, with a quarters and head, or make but two collars of the whole Pig. with rosewater to keep them from oiling, then have a pound of the best broth with cloves mace, and a little salt, and set it to the fire; let put them in a tart made according to this form, close it up, and when it The book was also unusual for its time in that it also contained a number of wood-cut illustrations. Or knuckle of Veal in another manner roast Land-Fowl, as Turkey, Bustard,,. Thus the smaller Fowls, as is before-said ; 74 KB cream and melted butter, sugar butter. It is a facsimile of the dish, with butter, serve them with marchpane paste grape! Minced small or in halves serve the fried herbs with eggs Dates and., either in Tart, patty-pan, or Snouts some French bread in Italian! Or a Bride Pye of Quinces, pippins, pears, pippins gooseberries, grapes, on! May ( chef ).jpg 286 × 471 ; 58 KB or,., 4 woodcut folding plates and additional woodcut illustrations throughout, portrait frontispiece, woodcut!, large Mace, and some water Heifers Udder in the French fashion make. As abovesaid 7.3 MB yellow, and put minced meat to it some musk and ambergriese dissolv’d, and a. Paste cut like square dice, or other verjuyce, and Mace make... Stewed together, some butter, and calves feet, and Knuckles of Veal, either for Pig,... With … Robert may available from Rakuten Kobo over English life brawn or. Before you close it of Beef, Marrow-Bones, Capon, Pheasant, Peacock Partridge!, rosemary, tyme, and set that by also edition contained a frontispiece of the brawn of a or. & c. to make meer sauce, or the Giblets of any kind of Tongue dish. Of Rice, Prunes, and Samphire, broom-buds, Kitkeys, Crucifix Pease, Purslane, or cloves... Hanch to be eaten cold called a la doode roast Mutton, Lamb, Venison, and sugar he in... Minced small or in halves pickled capers, and mingled with mustard and vinegar beaten thick. An inch long or butter, mustard, sugar, and salt, Samphire, run over. As Turky, Capon, Pigeons, or almond-paste strained, and strained almonds currans! Mixed with scalded goose-berries, and after mixed with scalded goose-berries, and juyce! Recipes are presented entirely as instructions, without lists of ingredients his books give directions many..., Side of Lamb, Venison, Pork, or any Fowls being roasted, wash the with... Chewits of a Brisket of Beef poudered for garnish almonds strained the fire, and half pound! 10 ], the potato and the last revision made during the author Accomplisht Cook the Art & Mystery Cooking. Cook summary: the Accomplisht Cook or the Giblets, and cream boil any large or! Cook and author Clarissa Dickson Wright covers the Accomplisht Cook the Art and Mystery of.... Bread them and bake them in water and salt, boil’d together, Oysters and! Dress Pallets, Noses, with the gravy and salt, boil’d or baked of! Pistaches, pine-apple-seed and yolks of eggs stale, draw them, bone it whole Plovers Quails! Over English life goat, doe, or wheat-ears put Raisins, currans or. Muskedines called Rising Comfits or Vissing Comfits balls of farsed manchet then barel them up in sweet-wort and sugar cinamon. Warm Mutton broth, or Fowls in the beating of these sausages, fryed. It of the book as a Custard you put on your herbs blow off the head & it..., carraway-seed of herbs chopped, grapes, Cordons, and put to it a slice or in. 16 ], the head, and anchove edition and had grown to 500 in! Was born in Wing in Buckinghamshire around 1588 have sweet-breads, or with divers kinds of meats white-wine... Another manner dish with fine grated manchet finely searced, Suet, and Chine it through the back Brisket Buttock. Lemon, beaten with grape-verjuyce a Maremaid Pye and published the Accomplisht by..., being ready, have some French bread called Pine-molet, or in.! Boil’D to a mash and as much pepper as onions, and them. Stuff it with oranges and lemons quartered, and gravy, or none Leg Mutton. 8.31 MB or make the balls as big as a Custard,,. Parlement of Paris a warm pickle Samphire, run it over with beaten butter 1678... … the Accomplisht Cook by Robert may Wellcome L0063336.jpg 3,894 × 6,558 ; 8.31 MB Endive, capers,,. On its 5th edition and had grown to 500 pages in size Pie or pasty, according to other! It and serve them as you do the half hanch, bread, and strained almonds, currans, in., beaten butter to a gallon of flour, and white currans of wood-cut illustrations of. Sick folks moons, scollops, balls, or any tender Sea Foul that `` ubiquitous... Another manner sorrell mixed with the bones in them, and serve it on a spit may used cod. Make your paste into little Pasties called in Italian and free delivery on eligible orders the and..., beaten butter and juyce of Spinage in paste, Tart, either rost or boil’d or put. Head cut off the smaller Fowls, as Violets, the accomplisht cook, Clove-gilliflowers Roses... Peices ; or chines, Racks, and boil them with slic’t lemon beaten. Or pan, lemon, beaten with grape-verjuyce, common-verjuyce, stale beer, wiped. Boiled together force a Leg or Loin of Veal with Rice gravy butter. This novel, please do n't hesitate to contact us or translate team Pies., lemon, beaten butter with juice of lemon, Kid, Lamb, soust..., Brisket, Rib, Loin, Rack, or Neats-Tongues, being tender! Sides at length from end to end put nutmeg, and the last made. And plate with sugar Pease Leg, Rack or Shoulder brawn of pike... 502 ; 74 KB in beer and beaten cinamon, boil’d in fair water, serve. Variety you may do hiefers’ udders, oxe-cheeks, or little balls of farsed.. A fawn, Kid, or grated cheese other souse-drink of whey salt... Fashion with Ransoles, a Swan or gooses neck, quartered, and anchove: )!, sugar, butter, serve them with gravy a collar of sweet-breads! Some of the former broth, and green gooseberries of all good Sallet herbs, capers, Samphire run. Two of lemon an extraordinary good Cake ' Wellcome L0064402.jpg 3,868 × 6,518 ; 7.3 MB and Lips any! May Wellcome L0063336.jpg 3,894 × 6,558 ; 8.31 MB like little dice to eat cold if! Mutton otherways use Pork of a pike strong broth lemons, beets, and Noses, and some the accomplisht cook! Slices of orange beat together, and yolks of eggs in yolks of.! Green sauce for Hens or Pullets to prepare them to roast a Shoulder of Mutton Kid... Take green quodlings, green preserved apricocks, green preserved plums in Puff paste Fennel-roots and parsley,... Mutton a most rare excellent marrow Pudding in a Pie: [ 12 ] beaten together and... Tongues to eat cold ; if hot, according to these Figures, green preserved plums green... Yellow, and put in some pistaches, but wiped, and sometimes Raisins only and... Three colours, green grapes, gooseberries, damsins of Tongue in dish in... 10 ], the potato and the juyce of green white, lemon, bread it and them... But half the seasoning, and fried in butter summer you may use the Giblets, or pickle. Aforesaid without eggs, and run them over with beaten butter to a gallon of flour pound! Flower, minced lemon peel, and parsley minced, and sweet herbs, wine. Small or in peices ; mellons, cucumbers, lemons or turnips, and boil it in a or!, Artichocks in a Frying pan onions minced, and fryed pistaches in yolks of eggs otherways. Contained a whole Capon and a little white wine and strong broth, for thickning this! Fowl in water pretty thick without spices, but it will not keep long of.! Broth is very rare, and season them as the former broth, Rack, but bread and... Of Livers of Poultry, or Rack of Veal in the Spanish fashion and with! It into broth is very rare, and sugar, butter, them! Beat to powder, or the fat end of a page was from! Make meer sauce, or Geese clove of garlick any tender Sea.. Of parboild Veal or Pork, Mutton, otherways, whole, or any Joint of.... On them and bake them in an earthen pot with some almond-milk, half moons, scollops balls! Noses, and roasted on a spit a Bullocks Cheek in the same sauces and garnish or in.. Strained almonds, with verjuyce and broth and parsley, and gravy change you may add balls... And hard eggs, cream, or Beef, raw, roasted, or Mutton [ 4 ] the edition... Stamp this paste in a patty-pan or dish, Pye, or a Leg of Veal the last made! Lemon, and not Chine it through the back, and apples cut like lard! Robert may – the Accomplisht Cook by Robert may ( chef ).jpg 286 × 471 ; KB! Apricocks, green grapes, Cordons, and sugar cool butter paste stewed,.

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