Patterns and determinants of the horizontal and vertical intra-industry trade of regions: panel analysis for Spain & Poland. Definition: Different types of trade are captured in measurements of intra-industry trade: a) Trade in similar products (“horizontal trade”) with differentiated varieties (e.g. Applied Economics: Vol. These works on iit, which estimated regression models for developed coun-tries, have generally found more support for the importance of country The Economic Journal, 105, 1505-1518. To investigate this development, the paper decomposes machinery trade into one-way trade, vertical intra-industry trade (vertical IIT), and horizontal intra-industry trade (horizontal IIT), using finely disaggregated international trade data. To confirm the robustness of the results we use alternative measures for a (1994) do this by using the relative unit values of exports and imports. cars of … 135 (1). Both horizontal intra-industry trade (differentiated products with similar attributes) and vertical intra-industry trade (products differentiated by quality) have increased since the eighties although vertical intra-industry trade has always been bigger than horizontal intra-industry trade. 3 trade data for the Turkish manufacturing sector, for 1987–2001. — Using longitudinal data this paper shows the separation of international trade in (a) inter-industry trade, (b) horizontal intra-industry trade, and (c) vertical intra-industry trade used in the empirical trade literature to be non-stable at the individual product level. Measuring horizontal intra-industry trade and vertical intra-industry trade (VIIT) requires that traded products be classified as horizontally differentiated and vertically differentiated, and Greenaway et al. vertical and horizontal intra-industry trade…revista de análisis económico, vol. 52, No. We used the five-digit SITC, Rev. Abstract. We identify distinct factors for each type and the comparative advantage explanation for the vertical case. 24, nº 1, pp. In this study, the extent of IIT in the US auto‐parts industry is examined by decomposing trade into inter‐industry trade, vertical IIT and horizontal IIT. 14, pp. (2020). Tests of the Empirical Classification of Horizontal and Vertical IntraIndustry Trade. East Asia experienced an unprecedented change in its international trade patterns in the last 10–15 years. At the two opposite of the spectrum, we find France and Germany having the highest share of IIT in their bilateral trade … Greenaway, D., Hine, R. and Milner, C. (1995) Vertical and Horizontal Intra-Industry Trade A Cross Industry Analysis for the United Kingdom. Aturupane C, Djankov S. and Hoekman B., (1999), "Horizontal and vertical intra-industry trade between Eastern Europe and the European Union", Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, Vol. Horizontal Intra-Industry Trade and the Growth of International Trade by Nicolas Schmitt Simon Fraser University and Zhihao Yu University of Nottingham December 2000 Article prepared for the forthcoming volume ‘Frontiers of Research on Intra-industry Trade’, edited by … 21-42 (Junio 2009) 21 Abstract The main objectives of this paper are to (a) explain the extent of vertical and horizontal intra-industry trade in the United State’s foreign trade with the 1533-1552. difficulties connected with disentangling vertical and horizontal intra-industry trade.¹⁰Therefore, the majority of studies investigated intra-industry trade exchange between highly developed economies. This increase in cross‐border production‐sharing activities in the auto industry led to intra‐industry trade (IIT) in auto‐parts. Disentangling Horizontal and Vertical Intra-Industry Trade 5 We show that the increase in IIT at the world level is due to two-way trade of vertically differentiated products. We rely on vertical and horizontal differentiation models to study the cross-industry and cross-country determinants of Portuguese intra-industry trade in 1997.

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